I spent a week in Saas Fee, Switzerland last month with team mate, Ellie. It was good to get our snowboard legs back and just enjoy being on the glacier with everyone. Summer riding is super chilled. The focus is on training rather than competitions.




Following this trip, I completed my Mountain Leader Training at home with Plas Y Brenin supported by the Outdoor Partnership.




I have also been working part time at Surf Snowdonia, which has been a god’s send. It’s kept me busy and the surfing every shift has been amazing!


It’s been a bit of a transition summer since turning eighteen and finishing my A-levels in July. The first half felt like a normal summer holiday and a deserved break from exams. The second half was different because friends were preparing to go to uni and I’m getting plans together for winter. All in all it takes up a lot of energy mentally and physically. I guess it’s called change. Change is good- for the same reason they say travel is good: experiences, new eyes, open mind and all that. As my cousin told me, I’m in my formative years, which is an important time in life. This is when you enter the “real world” and become a collector of experiences. Life gets more interesting than simply being candidate number 3411 or was it #3441? I can’t remember. The point is… I’m excited!

I have a training camp in Pitztal, Austria for two weeks in October and another two weeks in November prior to the first boardercross European Cup (EC) of the season (also held in Pitztal). In December, I will be moving to Morzine for the season. I am hoping to attend EC races and national/international half pipe comps from there.

I’m pleased that Crevasse Clothing and Westbeach are going to help me out with some kit this season so big thanks to them too! www.westbeach.com